Status: Version 3.0
Rev: 2005-04-19

This document has been written to aid the NetGamers IRC Staff, Official Supporters and the users on the network in general. It has been drawn up in response to questions about procedure and protocol relating to the administration of the network.

The official supporters of this network are currently:

ExtremeCast (tm) (
Dawn Of Myth (tm) (
Jolt (tm) (

2.0) TEAMS

1.0) Introduction
This network was formed with the following goals in mind:

An IRC network for users of our supporter’s games. A list of supporters can be found at the beginning of this policy. Supporters of the network have certain rights, as described to them by a member of the Partner Team

The vast majority of our user’s all have an interest in games. Be they web based browser games or Online RPG’s such as Asheron's Call or Saga Of Ryzom, the ease of finding games and players of similar gaming needs as your own is one of the benefits for joining this network, either as a supporter or as a user.

This policy will serve as a reference as well as ruling factor in cases of conflict as to help reduce any differences between users, Opers, Administrators and Supporters of the network.

2.0) Teams

All teams, besides admin, consist of one head which reports to admin, and once every month, when there's an Admin meeting that person should attend the meeting to do his monthly report, and answer any questions Admin might have during the meeting. He's also entitled to ask questions about other parts, and express his opinions, but unless being a voting member of Admin, he's not entitled to vote. If he's a voting member of Admin, he's voting on behalf of his server and not the team he's head of.

2.1) Admin Team (Admin)
* Consists of one Admin per server as well as one member from each team:

• CSC [none voting]
• Routing [none voting]
• Coder [none voting]
• Abuse [none voting]
• Partner [none voting]

2.1.1) Server administrators as a group shall have authority in most matters. Invoking this authority requires a vote of the administrators and a simple majority will make the decision final. All votes are done through the voting system.

2.1.2) Each server will only be allowed one vote to keep the voting results fair.

2.1.3) Official Supporters get veto right when it comes to cases concerning them, like adding new official supporters to this network.

2.1.4) Can turn over any actions against another administrator or oper to Abuse for review.

2.1.5) Server admins shall never pursue action on their own unless that action is against one of their own opers.

2.1.6) Server admins reserve the right to remove opers from their own server for any reason and are responsible for their oper’s actions.

2.1.7) All administrators are required to subscribe to the announcement list called main oper email list as this is the list where almost every announcement will be made. Each server may have two members on the admins email list but only one voting member. Keeping two on the list ensures that one idling Admin doesn't "ruin" things for the server in question.

2.1.8) Server admins are required to post to the oper email mailing list about the oper the Admin wants to add to their server. If no objections occur after 24 hours, the oper can be added. However, the oper needs to be taught how things operate on NetGamers, and to be evaluated by the server admins. The minimum training period is 30 days after which the server Admin may request that the oper be made global. Once again the server Admin must allow 48 hours for complaints or objections before the oper can be upped.

2.1.9) Administrators can vote or create a subject to vote upon on whichever topic they choose. An official discussion should be posted on the main oper mailing list first however. The Admin list is for major decisions and policy change related discussions.

2.1.10) Server admins are responsible for maintaining their configuration in accordance with network requirements. These requirements include C, H, Q and U lines. None of these lines are to be used without approval. If a node poses an immediate danger to the stability of the net the HUB may temporarily remove the C line.

2.1.11) Server admins may not issue more than 5 global O lines. Servers on test link status shall be limited to 2 global O lines. There shall be no restriction for local o lines, but they may only be given to those who are being trained as global opers. Local operators are subject to all the same restrictions as global opers. In the case of multiple O lines for a single individual, only the first O line shall count toward the total. Backup O lines shall not be counted.

2.1.12) Server admins may add additional O lines if authorized by the Admin Team.

2.1.13) Server admins must /notice $*.servername prior to using /die or /restart. Allow your users 15 minutes to change servers prior to downing it.

2.1.14) When an administrator removes one of their operators, a reason for the action taken must be sent to the admins mailing list. Based on the reason supplied, the removed operator may be granted an O:line transfer to another server if the server administrator of the new server is agreeable. Standard 48-hour trail time still applies for objections to be made by the governing IRC staff. If the reason for removal was valid and serious, the operator in question may not be granted O:line transfer.

2.1.15) Local operators may not request nor have backup O:lines on any other server besides their own

2.1.16) Along with Coding; handles and administrates the oper services, and is responsible for the user database.

2.2) Abuse Team (Abuse)
* Consists of 4/5 opers, one head of team reporting at the monthly Admin meeting.

2.2.1) Will investigate abuse claims and complaints and forward their suggestion to the Admin who will then take over the matter and resolve it.

2.2.2) May request an O line to be suspended for up to 30 Days or any of the time periods below. Administrators failing to comply could have their server’s juped for that time period.

2.2.3) May request suspension of the oper for the following time periods:

1st offence - 7d,
2nd offence - 14d,
3rd offence - permanent removal.

2.2.4) Must vote upon abuse claim before anything can be forwarded to the Admin.

2.2.5) All appeals must be sent to the main oper email list.

2.3) Coder Team (Coder)
* Consists of a minimum of one oper which is head of team, and reports to the monthly Admin meeting.

2.3.1) Responsible for maintaining servers and services by applying the latest and best code

2.3.2) Responsible for informing Admin of changes made and changes to be made in server or services code.

2.3.3) Is to ensure that all Websites relating to NetGamers are up to date and bug free where policy

2.4) Channel Services Committee (CSC)
* Shall handle complaints and questions about the channel and nickname services.

2.4.1) All channel services issues shall be covered by their own policy which can be read at

2.4.2) Are given authority to deal with registered channels as detailed in their policy

2.5) Partner Team (Partner)

2.5.1) Consists of a minimum of one oper which is head of team and reporting to Admin and 1 CSC member.

2.5.2) Responsible for informing Admin of changes made and changes to be made in existing partnership agreements.

2.5.3) Responsible for informing Admin of any new partnership additions.

2.5.4) A 48 hour Admin Team objection period is to be given before any game can be give partnership status on the network.

2.5.5) All existing NetGamers Partners must be given a chance to veto; this is only to be done if the new Partner passes the 48 hour Network Objection period.

2.5.6) Are responsible for maintaining all Official Partner channels.

2.5.7) Must inform CSC of each Partners` official representative, who as such has access to request instant channel registration.

2.5.8) Must inform the network Operators of each Partners official representative, who as such has access to request Global messages.

2.5.9) Are to ensure all new partners’ requests for information are followed up promptly.

2.5.10) Must ensure any Official channel requests are dealt with and the proper Teams are informed

2.5.11) Responsible for keeping any external adverts for the network up to date

2.6) Routing Team (Routing)
* Consists of 5 opers, one being head of team and reporting to Admin.

2.6.1) Helps establish better routing for the network by analyzing links. Ping requests are common and all server admins must yield to their wishes if they wish to remain linked.

2.6.2) Voting of new servers for testlink, constantly evaluating all aspect of the servers, and linking them. Permanent links are decided through Admin Team meetings, and so are permanent removals.

2.6.3) Server admins are require to inform Routing of anything that could influence the correct operation of their server, this includes, but is not limited to, machine defects, prolonged network outage, loss of access, etc.

2.6.4) Updates to the configuration required by the Routing Team and limited to its authority shall be split up in two levels of urgency:
2.6.5) 'Normal' updates, these do not impose any threat to the stability of the network
2.6.6) 'Urgent' updates; these may influence the good operation of our network and include configuration changes that might lead to net-splits, errors when hub servers link etc.

2.6.7) Will expect 'Normal' updates to be done within a timeframe of one week; 'Urgent' updates are to be completed within 72 hours, not counting Saturday and Sunday. The required updates will be sent to the server administrator, Routing, Admin and a mail stating that given server is required to do an update will be posted to the main oper email list

2.6.8) Will consider a server that fails to meet these timeframes without a valid reason a renegade server and may jupe or forward a request to Admin asking for a permanently delinking of that server in accordance with the policy regarding forceful delinks. Temporary jupes may be set if the server is causing a major network disturbance or is a security risk to the rest of the network. When juping a server, there should _always_ be an email to the main oper email list explaining why.

2.6.9) May permanently delink any new server during that servers test link period of 30 days. However, for this to be done at least 60% of the Routing must approve of that action.

2.6.10) A new server testlink period is split into two parts:
2.6.11) First 15 days, the server is linked, and closed for normal users just testing the links stability
2.6.12) Last 15 days, the server is linked, and open for normal users, even included in the server pool to test the server with load.

2.6.13) During the test link period that server may not maintain more than TWO global O lines on their server. Their local o lines will not be restricted, but may only be given to those training to become globals. The server's opers may not be added to the main U operservice before the full link.

2.6.14) At the end of the 30 days testlink period, a routing vote with recommendations should be set up in the voting system, this vote should be set up by head of routing, and should contain a summary of the 30 days the server has been testlinked.

2.6.15) Will maintain a complete set of suggested C/I/U/Q (and possible other) lines, and see to that all servers have those lines. Some server might choose to have additional I-lines, for instance, but the list maintained by routing is a minimum. At the monthly Admin meeting, new lines or additions might be decided by admin, after talking with head of routing. Usually, however, Routing controls this.

2.6.16) All new server applications will first be forwarded to Routing so that all incomplete, forged or otherwise ineligible applications may be removed prior to them being submitted to the members for a vote. Servers which are rejected after receiving a complete application must wait three months before reapplying.

2.6.17) No server that is not run by the administrator of the machine will be accepted as a server on this network.

2.6.18) New servers must be announced to the main oper email list BEFORE they are linked. There will be a period of 24 hours for anyone to ask questions or make complaints about the new link. If there are no complaints, Routing will decide who the new server will get as their primary, secondary, and backup links. If there are objections to connecting the new server, Admin will have a discussion with the new information that has come up, and possibly a revote through the voting system.

2.6.19) As soon as the 30 day test period is done, and the server is granted a full, permanent link, they get a place on Admin, like all other servers.

2.6.20) Servers of unacceptable bandwidth, (less than T1), shall be rejected with a notice being sent to the administrator of the server stating the grounds of why his/her server could not be linked. Servers that are rejected for other reasons should also be followed up with a message from a member of Routing stating the reason why the server was not linked.

2.6.21) Servers that are absent from the network in excess of 3 days will be automatically delinked and must go through the standard server approval process again if they wish to relink.

2.6.22) If a server administrator knows that his server will be down in excess of 3 days, he must request a leave of absence for a specific period of time from the administrators. Admin may or may not, at their discretion, grant this request.

2.6.23) All servers will be designated with a name in the domain. Only domain names in the following formats are allowed: or

3.0) Voting

3.0.1) To ensure each server has an equal vote only administrators are eligible to vote. This is 1 vote per administrator. If an administrator owns 2 or more servers he/she shall be eligible for 1 vote only.

3.0.2) Official supporters have veto on issues which affects them, like adding new supporters.

3.0.3) All voting is done through the voting system on web, when a vote is started through that system, a notification is sent to the admins list. After the given period of time, the result is sent to the same list.

3.0.4) The only exception to voting eligibility shall be if an administrator has been recommended for removal, therefore the Admin in question will not be allowed to vote.

3.0.5) Participation in voting events is a must. Failure to participate in 3 calls to votes will result in your voting privileges being removed unless the Admin in question has a valid reason for missing the votes.

3.0.6) All major decisions shall be subject to vote, administrators will have 72 hours to vote, not counting Saturday and Sunday.

3.0.7) All votes must have at least a 51% majority, and 60% majority if it’s a policy change or forceful remove of a server.

4.0) Server Code

4.0.1) No administrator shall install a patch which is not authorised by the Coder Team.

4.0.2) All patches that are not part of the NetGamers ircd must be voted on before any server may install them.

4.0.3) When a new ircd version is officially released, all servers must upgrade within 7 days.

4.0.4) Any servers that has not upgraded after 7 days without a valid reason may be temporarily juped or permanently delinked, depending on the decision of Routing and Admins voting results.

5.0) Staff Etiquette

5.0.1) While operating in an official capacity in a channel, and especially a network based channel, all network staff will remain professional and civil at all times. No lame scripts, no foul language, no abuse of powers, no arguing with users or other staff.

5.0.2) All staff will treat each other with the utmost respect. Private conversations only are exempt from this rule.
5.0.3) Global wallops are restricted to important messages only, like server messages. If you desire a chat, chat in the oper channel.

5.0.4) Global messages shall only be used for important announcements to users, such as Network announcements or Partner notices. Global messages should be sent via P, not via /notice.

5.0.5) Network staff may not get involved in channel politics at any time unless authorized to do so by a verified channel operator.
5.0.6) Network staff may not use oper services to gain ops, change modes or remove bans in channels except in cases where they are acting as network officials and have no other course of action available to ratify the problem. The exception to this being the use of services in #feds and #twilightzone.

5.0.7) Network staff may not split their server from the rest of the network because of personal issues. Servers should only be squited when they need to be rerouted or to solve a net desync or delinked by Routing.

5.0.8) The /kill command should be used only if other methods do not work. Warn the user first, if they persist then go ahead and kill them. You must put a valid reason in the /kill comment. Idiot, lamer, twit, etc. are considered invalid reasons. At no time shall vulgarities be used as part of the kill reason.

6.0) Network Rules

6.0.1) Opers shall where applicable and appropriate enforce the network rules as detailed in the network rules document available from the downloads section of

7.0) Final Note

7.0.1) The Administration Team (Admin) reserve the right to change this policy as it sees fit.

7.0.2) Majority vote applies when altering or adding anything to this policy and must exceed at least 59%.

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