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Need More Connections?

You will get automatically G:lined if you run more than 3 connections from the same host. In other words, we only allow up to 3 connections from each host.

Note that if you have just been G:lined, the ban only lasts 5 minutes so please do not email us asking to lift it - it will be long gone before we ever get it.

If you want more than 3 connections, please read here. But you need a really good excuse! Not: 'I want a bouncer for my mates' or 'I run 20 bots', for example.

G:line Info Requests

If you really think the G:line was a mistake, then email abuse (at) telling us your registered nickname, and full details of your request.


We have various IRC related forums. These provide in depth discussion and support.

Proxies and Scans

Go to this page, for details of our scans and how to fix open proxies.

Basic IRC Guide

Haven't got a clue what all this is about? Then check out our Basic Guide To IRC

Virus Fix

We have an entire team dedicated to controlling the spread of vira on the network, and helping infected users to clean their systems of an electronic evil they may have contracted who live in #virusfix!


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