New To IRC?


The easiest way for you if you are a Planetarion player will be to simply use the in-game 'Com Unit'. This integrates quite nicely with the game and our network. You can type 'novice off' to allow you to join more than one channel.

Detailed (For Windows)

  • Get mIRC.
  • Read its IRC Intro help file :-)
  • Point mIRC at one of our servers (or just
  • Ask your galmates what channels (rooms) to join.
  • Type /join #channel to join it, e.g. /join #netgamers
  • Read the Message Of The Day (in the 'status' window)
  • Recommended Channels
    - Game help = #support (Planetarion)
    - P/Nick help = #cservice
    - IRC/Oper help = #feds
    - General IRC help = #help, #mirc
    - Virus help = #virusfix
    - General chat = #netgamers, #planetarion

Alternative Software

We have compiled a list of clients which are commonly used on our network. PIRC was originally written for us when we were Planetarion, and it''s now been ported to this network.


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