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Purpose of Galactic Sector Scan

Due to the large abuse of misconfigured Wingate, Socks and Proxy servers being exploited regularly, the NetGamers IRC Gaming Network (NetGamers) is now checking all users upon connection to any of the our servers. This check is ONLY DONE if a user attempts to establish a connection to an NetGamers server. This should not be considered an attack on your system. Be aware that this sort of connection to your system is probably common if you use services such as free IRC networks, game servers, etc... If you do not desire this type of check to occur, then simply block access to the NetGamers network servers. Connection to and use of the NetGamers is conditional upon acceptance of any and all applicable policies of the individual servers that make up the NetGamers.

Why was I glined?

If you are viewing this page this is most likeley because you have been disconnected from the NetGamers network for one of the following reasons:

1. Misconfigured Wingate. Please visit

2. Misconfigured Socks Server. Please visit

3. Misconfigured Proxy Server on port 80. Please visit

4. Misconfigured Proxy Server on port 81. Please visit

5. Misconfigured Proxy Server on port 3128. Please visit

6. Misconfigured Proxy Server on port 8000. Please visit

7. Misconfigured Proxy Server on port 8080. Please visit

This has occured because when you connected to a server on NetGamers you were scanned by our proxy scanner (Galactic Sector Scan). If your firewall shows a connection attempt on ports 1080, 3128, 8080, 8000, 80, 81 or 23 from this means your pc is being tested by our detector. These tests are totally harmless and do NOT compromise your system in anyway. Their only function is to see if you have a port OPEN or CLOSED. As soon as the detector receives a response it'll stop probing that port.We scan every client that connects to NetGamers to look for vulnerable wingates, proxies, or ports that could be used by hackers, etc to attack other users, network servers, etc.These scans are done to protect everyone.

By maintaining a connection to NetGamers IRC you agree to these probes and test. Please refer to the Message of the Day (MOTD) of your server for more legal information regarding this matter.Below we have included some helpful resources to aid you in repairing or upgrading you proxy or wingate to one that is more secure.

NetGamers.Org is in no way responsible for the timeliness, accuracy and appropriateness of external links contained in the following section.

Fixing a Wingate server
Upgrade your Wingate server if version prior to 2.1:

Get help about Wingate

Fixing a Socks 4/5 server
If you run unix Socks 4 or Socks 5, check your ACL. Following are a few URL which could help you fix your misconfigured proxy server on a Windows machine:

Socks Proxy server:

Upgrade and get help about your winproxy at:

Upgrade your sygate server:

Fixing a Squid server
Get help for Squid ACLs at:
Get detailed help at:
Upgrade your Squid 1.x server at:

Fixing a HTTP proxy server:
Take a look at your manual for the ACL feature... Vulnerable proxy servers can be of all types and brands. If your proxy server is not supported anymore and you are not sure about your configuration, firewall it so only your LAN can use it.

Get help about WinRoute at:

They have a manual in adobe format found under downloads/support.

Get detailed help about CacheFlow at:

Contact Information
You can contact us for additional information on the forum or by joining #feds and asking for further assistance.

This document was created with source material from the proxy scanner page.


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