Planetarion is a space based war game in which you control vast fleets of ships to take on your enemies. You can ally with your fellow players to engage in huge wars, which affect the universe as a whole or defend your galaxy to the hilt putting their success before that of any alliance.

Choose your race and then choose your friends; help your galaxy and alliance mates pick a juicy target and then send in your fleets to take their asteroids. By gaining asteroids you will mine the precious resources; metal, crystal and eonium, which in turn will help you to build even larger fleets and research new technologies to inflict greater damage upon your enemies!

This massively multiplayer game in a universe of war will keep you up all night waiting to launch that essential defence fleet, find new friends in your alliance mates and win great victories over your enemies all in search of the elusive number one spot!

Planetarion. Have you got a planet yet?

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