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Using NetGamers For Your Organisation

This document describes the terms under which games, groups and other miscellaneous organisations may use the NetGamers network. It discusses using us as your official base, becoming a full NetGamers Partner, and official channels.

Most organisations will start by simply using NetGamers as their official base, growing to become full NetGamers partners.

1.0 - About NetGamers 
2.0 - How to use NetGamers 
3.0 - Fair Usage (Acceptable Use Policy) 
4.0 - NetGamers Partners
5.0 - Official Channels 

1.0 - About NetGamers

NetGamers.Org was founded from the original core servers on the Planetarion IRC network ( NetGamers.Org is now an independent network, which provides chat and community services to online games players and those who run these games. For the larger games, we offer a ''Partner'' system, which allows the partners certain rights and input into the running of the network.

NetGamers is a medium-sized network, with servers across Europe and North America, with an average of 2,500 concurrent users, which rises depending on the status of our Partner games.

NetGamers is a well respected network for its community ethos and friendly staff and users in general.

More information about NetGamers can be found at or our forums at

2.0 - How to use NetGamers

If you wish to use NetGamers as your official base, then the simplest method is simply to logon to the network, and register a channel for your game/organisation/etc.

A more formal approach however is probably best, and emailing partners (at) will allow us to help you. Once you are ''settled in'', we can promote you via our websites (where appropriate).

If you are a larger organisation, you can make use of the Partner arrangements arrangements, which is outlined below in section 4, with further details in the Official Channels Guide.

3.0 - Fair Usage

NetGamers is a fairly relaxed network, however we do explicitly request that our network is not used as a base for illegal activities (such as warez, credit card fraud etc) that you may find on other networks. Furthermore, NetGamers does not allow for trading/sharing of pornography and music (MP3 etc). Doing so can result in punishment such as a g:line. Whilst we appreciate this is difficult to police, we do ask that users who do somehow avoid detection respect that we have many minors on the network and actively discourage pornography in particular!!

We clamp down heavily on sharing and 'spamming' of the above, and all spam in general. Spam is not tolerated and will ultimately lead to removal from the network, and suspension/removal of all privileges.

Further details of our Acceptable Use Policy can be found on our main website (

4.0 - NetGamers Partners

At the time of writing, NetGamers has full formal partnership agreements with:

We also have a number of smaller groups using our network, both those with Official Channels, and those simply using our network for communication without any special agreements.

4.1 - Services to Partners

Official partners receive various benefits, which include (but are not limited to) the following:

- Custom channel service bot (P) verify messages.
(Custom verifies tell your users quickly and easily who is associated with your organisation)

- Official Channels.
(Official channels can be registered quickly and easily, letting partners get on with running their community)

- Access to global network messages.
(Partners can let their users, and everyone else, know what''s happening in their community)

- Promotion on the various NetGamers websites.
(To let our users know you''re here!)

In addition NetGamers can provide (at reduced cost) add-on services provided by its operational members, this can include hosting of sites, email services, backup services, web/graphical design etc.

4.2 - Partnership 'Veto'

In return for using NetGamers as their official base, and offering reciprocal promotions, the NetGamers partners can veto (given reasonable grounds) any new partnership arrangement between NetGamers and other organisations. Such grounds are not rigidly stated, but the only generally accepted reason is verifiable potential (or present) loss of users/revenue.

4.3 - Applying for Partnership

If you desire more information or wish to become a NetGamers Partner, please email the Partners Team at partners (at) If you are applying for Partnership, please include information on who you are, the nature of your game, the approximate number of players you have, and any other details you feel would be useful.

5.0 - Official Channels

As well as allowing partners to register channels quickly other groups may apply for their channels to become official. An official channel brings status and a little respect.

An official channel means that NetGamers are trusting you to 'add value' to the network.

To apply for an official channel, you should read the Official Channels Guide.


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