Posted: 21/11/2002 23:45 By:Mong
We've recently added some people to the NetGamers crew as "helpers", in response to suggestions that our 24/7 coverage is not perfect.

The majority of #feds requests are either general IRC related subjects, or in fact relate to something different; nick/channel queries (use #cservice for this) or especially many requests regaring our partner games. As such, in about 90% of #feds requests, actual oper priviledges are not required.

With the turbulence surrounding Planetarion, we decided to take these staff from PA Team and other "officials". They were chosen for previous levels of activity, and commitment. So please welcome Aryn, Mit, Mushroom, Prince and Strifeh!

It is not unlikely that one or two more will be added to this list, as we need to increase our non-european coverage (hence Aryn). The latter four are all UK-based, but as three of these are employed by NetGamers in other areas, this seemed like a sensible solution.

Golddiggers beware! Whilst we do hope to recruit a couple more people, we will approach you and not viceversa! Don't idle in #feds at all - we operate a strict policy wereby only people actually being helped are allowed to be in there. Also note that being a "Feds Helper" in no way should be seen as a route to becoming an IrcOp. In this respect, we'r the same as other help channels on other networks.

We hope this venture benefits our users, and shows we do listen to feedback!


Mong. On behalf of NetGamers.Org


Posted: 14/09/2005 10:05 By:No such nick

you know its bad when you have to ring `Paul
Posted: 14/09/2005 10:05 By:No such nick

Whats the point tbh? If the opers are incompetant (tolerating racist jokes and also admitting certain people are on the network because they cant actually enforce a permanent Gline,which could be solved by a re-Gline) forwarding more complaints to them isnt going to be any use and pointing people to #cservice should be done in the topic.Combined with the fact most people are lucky to get a reply within an hour #feds and the Oper core is as good as dead. At least back in the days of PAnet problems got solved quickly, efficiently and effectively!
Posted: 24/07/2003 01:40 By:No such nick

Prince is the best :) #feds I can always find help and Prince is always there when he is needed :)
Posted: 29/04/2003 19:53 By:No such nick

Congrats, at last they can take some of those ppl away from bothering all the oppers etc
Good luck ppl :)

Posted: 18/02/2003 14:47 By:No such nick

Posted: 06/01/2003 16:52 By:No such nick

hmm i dont think ive left a comment on here yet :P
Posted: 24/11/2002 17:23 By:Jeekay

For some more organised posting :) (reading newest first hurts my head :))
Posted: 24/11/2002 00:20 By:Mushroom

Twiglet, there are seemingly different viewpoints on this matter (see Uberfish's reply for instance), so i think this is a way to relieve some of the smaller general IRC problems from the opers and let them concentrate on the business that opers are specifically needed for.
Posted: 23/11/2002 19:04 By:Uberfish

I would disagree, at times the service from #feds is abysmal - at least it can't get any worse with the introduction of these helpers!
Posted: 22/11/2002 23:32 By:SIR-Millar

Analysis of the #feds problem.
> Not enough opers online or active to cope with demand leading to simple requests taking an unacceptable length of time.
> Oper policy requires many requests to be passed onto a Admin-Com member with more authority.
> Opers like to have a social life.
> Lack of awareness by users of what #feds is actually for.

Analysis of Proposed Solution (Feds Helpers)
> More 'officials' in #feds will be able to deal with more requests.
> Helpers will have no access so will only be able to deal with users who have joined the channel incorrectly.
> Opers will still have to be contacted for most issues, increacing the delay for a response.

Even though the Feds Helper idea is a very clever idea, with some advantages, i mebieve that there is little chance of it being a success, since it has been tried before with little success, and there are no major changes from the last trial, that i can see. Congratulations should go to Mong for understanding that there is a minor problem, and attempting to fix it, it is good to know that at least one oper is publically attempting to make the net a better place, and i am sure that the other opers will be making substantial contributions of ideas of ways to improve this useful facility.

Posted: 22/11/2002 11:13 By:No such nick

*adds a bit* Currently we are on a trial period, to see how we cope and to see how well we can deal with the users on our own, saving the opers time for the more important stuff, (such as sorting out all those bloodyt exceptions eh `Paul ;o)) If it doesn't work out, then we will most likely go back to how things were, you cannot tell if something like this will benefit the users, without first testing it out :)
Posted: 22/11/2002 11:05 By:No such nick

I believe i speak for all the helpers here, but if we had no real interest in helping in #feds, we would not have become Feds helpers in the first place. The reason we are helping in #feds is because the IRCops have more important issues requiring their time, than just directing users to different rooms, etc which is as Mong has said the main 'traffic' in #feds at this time. We are acting only as the contact between the opers and the users, should the need arise for us to contact one in an emergancy, we are the 'voice' of the users if you like. By doing this #feds becomes just like the many other help channels, with helpers there to direct and help with the issues that are presented to us which as Mong has said do not require the opers privelages to deal with. Hope this helps explain why we are here.
Posted: 22/11/2002 10:46 By:No such nick

Is there really any need for these "Feds Helpers"?
Imo the service we are getting from #feds is fine, so i see no reason for people who im assuming have no real interest in helping in #feds should join them.
Perhaps you can outline the problems that lie within the current IRCop help service, that dont make it perfect?

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