Posted: 14/01/2003 13:51 By:No Such Nick
A new server has reached the second phase of its testlink.

London.UK.EU.NetGamers.Org is the first UK server to ever link to the NetGamers network. This server has just entered the second phase of its testlink, and will now be allowing clients to connect to it.

Feel free to use this server.


Posted: 28/05/2004 15:51 By:No such nick

How brilliant
Posted: 24/07/2003 01:36 By:No such nick

hmmmmmm, We need one from Oklahoma. Every loves okies :) comments on this server: why only three connections. :(
Posted: 29/06/2003 10:42 By:No such nick

who cares except noobs :-) ?
Posted: 14/06/2003 03:47 By:No such nick

there is already a norwegian server.
Posted: 28/04/2003 16:23 By:No such nick

Posted: 22/04/2003 16:50 By:No such nick

just need a norwegian server now and it will be perfect ;P
Posted: 08/02/2003 21:06 By:No such nick

wicked wicked
Posted: 07/02/2003 21:01 By:No such nick

One small step for the brits, One giant leep for the Commonwealth

Posted: 06/02/2003 22:06 By:No such nick

Posted: 27/01/2003 09:57 By:No such nick

yea everywhere in the uk it close to london

Posted: 24/01/2003 20:16 By:No such nick

Ah.. the replacement for deathace. :)
Posted: 19/01/2003 14:48 By:No such nick

Posted: 16/01/2003 10:20 By:No such nick

First UK server, Exellent!
Posted: 15/01/2003 16:58 By:No such nick

kool, a server for us in London.

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