Posted: 07/07/2003 15:37 By:Mong
More news on those crazy Anime people...

Hi all Anime fans out there,

Some of you might remember our last news entry. A lot of stuff has changed since then, so we thought, its time for an Update.

What we are:
We are the Official Anime channel of this Network and we try to help you to find all the Info you seek. We are a community of crazy people which wanna talk about Anime. Of course there is a lot of normal Discussion, too. But nobody will discriminate you for being an Anime fan here, nor stop you from talking about it ^_^
We also present information about where you can get unlicensed Anime, the latest Releases, and other news out of the anime world.

What we are NOT:
We are NOT an active Fileshare Channel. We do NOT support Fileserve(!list, etc.), nor do we help you to download Licensed Anime.
We are NOT a channel about Hentai and we will NOT help you get it.

What we have:

- A Bot, which handles our members, provides a Bittorrent search, infodatabase, translator, and much more.

- An automated mIRC-Stats page at

- A Forum at

What We will have:

- A gallery-page, where members can upload pics (preview at

- A Webpage with info, reviews, etc. (this project is stopped atm)

Ok, so if you are an Anime fan, we hope to meet you soon in #Fresh-anime ,

CySlider ([email protected])

I have to thank Mooose at this point for hosting our stuff FOR FREE.
* CySlider huggles Mooose
He gives us Space, a redirector, an e-mailserver, a gallery and always tries to fulfill our wishes. Thank you!


Posted: 17/07/2006 15:18 By:No such nick

al links dont work :|
Posted: 16/04/2006 18:15 By:No such nick

i hate false links

Posted: 16/04/2006 18:14 By:No such nick

Posted: 22/11/2003 12:49 By:No such nick

Small update:

We have our own Domain now. So look at
Also we maybe got a funny man who creates us a more usefull Webpage.

/me huggles funman

Cya in #fresh-anime,
Posted: 20/09/2003 23:58 By:No such nick

heh, actually the gallery is now at :-p
Posted: 08/07/2003 04:52 By:Gatewayy

Keep up the good work Cy!!!! :D o/
Posted: 07/07/2003 20:59 By:No such nick

Sorry there is a Typo in the Gallery link. The correct link is:

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