Posted: 22/05/2004 10:32 By:No Such Nick
Trustnet has departed the network.

Trustnet, the server, has been with the network since it's creation. We are sad to say the server is leaving the network.
We understand that a lot of users used trustnet solely and if you are one of them can we recommend the following servers to you:


Posted: 25/05/2004 21:35 By:Mushroom

It's oper's are safe ;)
Posted: 22/05/2004 15:31 By:Cheechy

The soviet union space station finally fell out of orbit and took out trustnet server and all of its opers.
Posted: 22/05/2004 15:08 By:No such nick

Why has it left? And what will happen with it's oper's?

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