Posted: 17/08/2004 15:48 By:Mong
QNPS.Tx.Us.Netgamers.Org has sadly left Netgamers.

QNPS.Tx.Us.Netgamers.Org has sadly left the NG network after many years of dedicated service - QNPS staff will be retained in other parts of the NG organisation. We'd like to thank `Paul & co for all their effort, time, and resources put into it.


Posted: 21/01/2006 00:58 By:No such nick

`Paul in a dress pic was teh 1337 :p
Posted: 31/07/2005 00:16 By:No such nick

Wow wonkey, you're only 6 months behind. ;)
Posted: 28/06/2005 06:54 By:No such nick

omfg, i can't beleave i missed this day paul. wtf happened?!!! btw, back online now, give meh a pm sometime :)
Posted: 26/12/2004 21:37 By:No such nick

will be missed :o
Posted: 21/12/2004 19:57 By:No such nick

indeed paul is legendary.
Posted: 22/11/2004 18:30 By:Krogzar

it was teh 1337 server back in teh old days, together wif firefly... 30 chan limit :D ^.^

love ya paul`
Posted: 14/10/2004 21:05 By:No such nick

`Paul joo bitch i love u. thanks 4 ure server even though i never used it :P
Posted: 21/09/2004 23:42 By:Tommy

you guys rockd indeed :)
Posted: 11/09/2004 15:37 By:PistNBroke

`Paul is teh sexeh ;)
Posted: 25/08/2004 16:53 By:No such nick

`Paul = legend
Posted: 23/08/2004 19:53 By:No such nick

you guys rockd :)

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