Posted: 22/10/2005 11:04 By:Despair

#ngoldies, the official channel self-titled "NetGamers Channel for the Dedicated User", has opened its doors more widely. As a channel designed for users who have been with NetGamers for a long period of time, the channel grants operator status to those who meet certain date requirements for being on the network. Originally restricted to only users with User ID Numbers under 60000, the channel opened its doors to new users while retaining the operator policy and became a NetGamers Official Channel on 29 May 2005.

#ngoldies now has opened its doors further, entitling any user with a User ID Number under 70000 to operator status and those with number under 90000 to voice status. There are also other methods available to prove dated use of the network. Read the #ngoldies policy (linked below) for more information or ask in the channel. New users are more than welcome to join and participate too! It is the policy of the #ngoldies management team to revise the policy every 6 months to allow a new appropriate wave of users to gain access based on age on the network.

Interested? Just join #ngoldies, ask any questions you may have, and participate! If you meet the policy, let us know so that we can add you with the appropriate access. You can read our policy at or

Remember, you're more than welcome even if you're brand new to the network! Come and meet some of the users who have participated on the NetGamers network for years!


Posted: 29/10/2005 17:46 By:No such nick

Posted: 27/10/2005 14:05 By:Mong

Great. eCliques.

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