Posted: 13/10/2006 20:06 By:Despair

Round 20 of Bushtarion will start ticking on Friday the 20th of October, 2006 at 18:00:00 GMT.

New account signups here or register a round 20 id from the right hand portal menu when logged in.


Posted: 23/01/2007 21:25 By:No such nick

dont make me introduce my boot to your ass! i'll prawn you all!
Posted: 15/12/2006 20:58 By:No such nick

i will own you all ;)
Posted: 27/10/2006 20:50 By:No such nick

WaR R TeH uBeR
Posted: 14/10/2006 23:13 By:No such nick

This game Rocks!

Loving it :D
Posted: 14/10/2006 23:11 By:No such nick

Another round full of wars and fun!
Posted: 14/10/2006 23:09 By:No such nick

Bushtarion FTW

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