Posted: 15/02/2007 12:47 By:Despair
Bushtarion is now a NetGamers Partner

We are proud to announce that Bushtarion is now a NetGamers Partner.

For those of you unaware of Bushtarion, it has been on the network since 2003, and is a free online multiplayer strategy war game which allows you to develop down an in-depth technology tree to gain access to new units and abilities, play as a solo or in an alliance with equal chances of success, battle it out across different ranking systems aiming for permanent places in the games portal history pages, go bounty hunting or become an evil player, and much more!


Posted: 22/01/2010 22:32 By:No such nick

play bush if you don't already
Posted: 30/05/2009 09:39 By:No such nick

Great Game! Insanely addictive, 3 years later and im still playing every day! Amazing community aspect as well, you meet alot of really cool people playing...

Dont listen to the below post, the game is run fairly for all and is far from dying. New updates every round and new players joining (hopefully ;p) every day!

Bush FTW!

Posted: 17/04/2009 14:06 By:No such nick

Bushtarion is a great game, however the community is dying and the Creator is biased against non-europeans.
Posted: 24/11/2008 23:50 By:No such nick

i have 16 rounds on my name.
and still this game rockes.
thx to azzer.

Posted: 28/09/2008 18:12 By:No such nick

Sometimes simple is better...Bushtarion is addictive
Posted: 30/05/2008 14:12 By:No such nick

great game, and i just wanted the newest post!
bush ftw!
Posted: 12/12/2007 13:59 By:No such nick

Relatively new player, sucked in by the online community and strategy in the game. Soon got over the lack of fancy graphics, but now I'm in danger of losing my job due to addiction :o
Posted: 02/11/2007 18:55 By:No such nick

Posted: 29/08/2007 00:26 By:No such nick

haha just kidding. AND I LOVE HIM TOO> lol.

AZZER ftw!!!!
Posted: 29/08/2007 00:25 By:No such nick

Best game ever, But this player names Darryl is a JERK
Posted: 31/05/2007 23:01 By:MattM

Amazingly addictive game, congratulations to Azzer for this achievement :)
Posted: 24/05/2007 11:34 By:No such nick

the best online game ever! still keep coming back long after i'm bored with other graphic-based games...
thanks azzer!
Posted: 14/05/2007 16:53 By:No such nick

bush FTW!!!!!!
Posted: 16/04/2007 07:39 By:No such nick

Hell ye.. Have bin playing this game for.. Allmoust from the beginning (r2).. and still aplying in round 22 :D...

Great game.. HAIL AZZER :)
Posted: 01/04/2007 22:41 By:No such nick

bush FTW!
Posted: 18/02/2007 22:14 By:No such nick

Congrats to Azzer with this achievement, may Bustarion be there for a long time to come

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