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#fresh-anime Update - More News On Those Crazy Anime People...
#ManagerLeague Is Now An Official Channel - #ManagerLeague Has Become Official.
#ngoldies Opens Its Doors -
Abderus - Round 2 - Abderus Round 2 Will Start On Friday 30th Mark At 18:00 GMT.
Abderus Round 1 - Sons Of Battle - Abderus Is A Brand New Browser-based Game Which Is Unique In Many Different Ways. Signups For Abderus Are Already Open And Ticks Start Today (Friday 12th January) At 18:00GMT.
Ajax Server Being Decommissioned - Replaced By Nyx! - We Will Soon Be Shutting Down While Its Moved To A New Home Under A New Name;
Alliance-Nick System - - Has Left The Network.
Bushtarion Is Now A Partner - Bushtarion Is Now A NetGamers Partner
Bushtarion Round 20 -
CHD Helper Applications For #cservice - CHD Applications For New #cservice Helpers Are Currently Open!
Dawn Of Myth Round 21 - Signups For Dawn Of Myth Round 21, "Using The Arrow", Are Open.
DoM Signups Round 20 -
Feds Helpers - The Application Process For Feds Helper Positions Is Now Open.
Feds Helpers - We've Recently Added Some People To The NetGamers Crew As "helpers", In Response To Suggestions That Our 24/7 Coverage Is Not Perfect.
FREE Planetarion Round 27 - Thats Right - Its The Summer Again. Once Again, The Summer Planetarion Round Will Be FREE, And Signups Have Now Opened.
IdleRPG Reset - IdleRPG, The Game Where You Progress By Idling, Was Reset At 20:00 GMT On Thursday 03/11/05! If You Wish To Play, Come To #idlerpg, More Details Can Be Found here!
Inactivity Timeout Increase - We Have Increased The Length Of Time It Takes Before We Delete Your Nick And Any Channels You Own From 30 Days To 60 Days.
London.UK.EU.NetGamers.Org - A New Server Has Reached The Second Phase Of Its Testlink.
NetGamers Community: The Gallery! - Another Addition To The NetGamers/Planetarion Community!
NetGamers Gallery Returned! - NetGamers Announces The Return Of The Community Loved Gallery.
Planetarion Round 17 - Round 17 The Beta Server Is Currently Open, With Tick Speeds Ranging From 30 Seconds To 2 Minutes. It Is Located At Http://
Planetarion Round 19 - Round 19 Of Planetarion Will Be Starting On The 6th Of October 2006. Signup Now HERE!
Planetarion Round 21 - Signups For Planetarion Round 21 Are Open!
Planetarion Round 22 - Planetarion FREE Round 22 Signups Open
Planetarion Round 28 - Planetarion Round 28 Signups Open
Planetarion Round 29 - Planetarion Round 29 Signups Open
Planetia Endurance Round 17 - Signups For Planetia Endurance Round 17 Are Open.
QNPS Leaving Netgamers - QNPS.Tx.Us.Netgamers.Org Has Sadly Left Netgamers.
Spaceminers - #spaceminers Has Become An Official Channel!
The Future Of Planetarion - We Got Some Good News, Planetarion Has Been Saved! The Following Is An Announcement From The New Owner :)
Thor.FI To Delink - Thor.FI Is To Delink This Friday, Due To Restructuring At - Trustnet Has Departed The Network. - A New Server Has Reached The Second Stage Of Its Testlink. - A New Server Has Been Linked To The Network.
Website Is Back! -

After A Few Short Weeks(months) We Have The Domain Back Working And The Usual Address Working For Connections To Our Network.

We Also Moved To A New Web Host, For More Information Please Look At The Forum Post By Jedi @

Server List:: - Client Server - Client Server

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  • Ajax server being decommissioned - Replaced by nyx!
  • Inactivity timeout increase
  • Website is back!
  • The future of Planetarion
  • Planetarion Round 29
  • Planetarion Round 28
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  • CHD helper applications for #cservice
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